Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Girl online by zoë sugg/zoëlla ( book review )

Heloooo readers who found this blog,
This is my review on zoë sugg a.k.a. Zoella's  novel 'Girl Online'.

Firstly, looking at the front cover you can tell that this is a book for young girls. Secondly, apparently this book was ghost written but is still a great read for girls 12+ and should give credit to ( if there is one), ghost writer.
My overall review:
1. This book is great for people who love plot twists in books as there is two.
2. If you like cute, romantic stories about teenage girls then you picked up the right book in the shop.
3. This book deserves 4/5 thumbs up as although it's a good book it could be more appealing to boys and not have any swear words.

Girl in fire, burning out.

Hey people!!!

Heloooo readers who found this blog,
I am 'girl on fire' and this is my blog with my reviews of; actors/actresses, movies, tv shows, books, musicals/plays and apps. I will not be telling you who I am untill anyone finds out, so, I'll be calling myself 'girl on fire' BTW I didn't steal this name from the hunger games. Thanks for reading my blog.

Girl on fire, burning out.